Ribbon Bow Mini Hair Clips Tutorial

Several years ago I was very ambitious and made hair clips for my girls. I got a bunch of supplies to get started. Then, over the years, I collected more. And more. And more. And made less. And less. And less.

They are so cute! You can make them for holidays, stocking stuffers, and Easter egg fillers. At one point I wanted to have headbands or hair clips to match all of my girls' outfits!

Ha! I am happy if I can find a plain, black hair elastic most days. (Seriously! Where do they all go?!?)

But in my #springdeclutteringchallenge I purged a lot of my ribbon and trims. It needed to be done because I had way too much stuff. I also used up a lot of what I had, even inviting a friend over to make hair stuff with me. (There were unfinished felt flowers in my box that we made last time- just before her 5yo was born!)

Since I was mass producing these adorable (and EASY!) little bow clips I decided to put together a tutorial. We had a Nor'Easter here at the time, so the pics are kinda dark. That is PA spring weather for you, though. Anyway, here it goes...

Here are the supplies you will need:

I used 3/8" glitter ribbon from the Target Dollar Spot that I got around Valentine's Day. Grosgrain ribbon also works. I got my 1 3/4" double prong alligator clips from etsy (in bulk) but if you just want to make a few of these you can pick some up at craft stores.  That bottle with the lettering worn off is my fray check. :)

Side note: The U.S. government has all sorts of safety rules to keep our kids safe from lead, so please be aware that there are regulations out there if you sell things like this!

You will need to cut two pieces of ribbon 4" long and one piece 1 1/2" long. Seal the ends with fray check. If I am using grosgrain I carefully melt it with a lighter.

Wrap one piece of ribbon around the hair clip, using hot glue to attach it. The underside of the bent, top prong will have ribbon over them, but the bottom prongs on the flat side do not. These clips are actually really cute with only the glitter ribbon covering them so you could stop there if you would like. I usually add the little bow, though.

To make the bow, take your other 4" piece of ribbon and overlap the ends, hot gluing them together. Then, glue the top and bottom of the circle together in the middle. Be careful to make these loops the same size!

Next, glue the bow to the center of the top of the hair clip. I just glue it down in the middle. You could glue more if you would like.

Finally, use the short pieces of ribbon to wrap the center of the bow. Glue it on top and overlap both ends on the bottom of the upper prongs. You have to squeeze the clip to open it up so that you can get to the underside. If you have non-slip grips you can put them on the underside of the top prongs as well. I don't have any.

Finished! These only take a few minutes to whip up. Can you see why I overbought supplies? I am being good now, though. I promise!

If you want to pin it for later...

Make these easy ribbon bow hair clips in just a few minutes! Tutorial with clear, step by step pictures...

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I made some fabric flowers with five petals to match the fabric and embellish her outfit a little bit.  I have made fabric flowers before, but after playing around for a few minutes, this just seemed like an easier way to do it.
Cut a piece of fabric 8" by 4" and fold it in half, right sides together.  Make a template 1" high by 1 1/2" wide and trace on five curves- keeping them tight together to create a scalloped edge.
Sew along the lines you drew, trim around the scallops, clip the curves, then flip it right side out.  It won't lay perfectly flat, which is fine and gives the flowers more poofiness anyway.  Sew a long basting stitch along the bottom about 1/4" from the raw edge.
Pull the thread to gather the petals together.
Sew it by hand to a small circle of felt.  You can pull and shape your petals a little better in this step.  The stitches do not have to be pretty- no one will see this. Then sew a button on top and attach it to your project, a hair clip, or a headband!  (Of course, the button is a choking hazard, so consider yourself warned.)
So pretty and cute! For the larger flower, I sewed each petal individually, which gave me more control over their shape and made them longer, but it wasn't as fast. 

Make sure to check out my tutorial over at Fireflies and Jellybeans!  I will update this post with the link when it is up!

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Sneak Peek in the Studio Friday #2

I am taking part in my second Sneak Peek- I was pretty busy last week, so I have extra things to show you all that I have been working on. There are other things, too, but they are either listed in my shop or I don't have pics yet.

A cute kitty taggy blaket for my neice from my pile of things started. She loves tags, but will not play with it. She even threw it down to reach for the tag on a nearby stuffed cat!
Pillows for my hubby. I made the other 2 panels into pillows for my father-in-law for Christmas.
My own Buttercup Bag, modified. A full post on what I did coming soon. LOVE this fabric!
Snowmen. With Baby #5 coming, I have to start now to be able to make any ornaments this fall. I want to have lots of them "ready to assemble"! (And see my daffodils poking up outside!)
My first ever hair bow. I just want to make some for my girls. I figure it will be a lot cheaper and I can make them to match their outfits. I had some pig ribbon cause my 2yo loves pigs!
So, this is some of what I have been up to. I will be linking up HERE!
Psst... make sure you check out this great giveaway going on HERE!