DIY Puffy Heart Hair Clips

I am a sucker for the Target Dollar Spot.

I can’t help it! They just have so much adorable stuff in there!

I was there a few weeks ago and they had just stocked up for Valentine’s Day. Now, I am being really well-behaved about buying craft supplies, but they had some puffy hearts that instantly screamed, “Hair clips!” I mean it. I heard them!

Cute hair clips made from Target Dollar Spot valentine hearts!

I knew that my youngest daughter even had a dress that would match perfectly. I had to buy them! And, since I am being so good about not hoarding craft supplies anymore, I made them right away before she even outgrew the dress that matches them so well.

glitter heart hair clips tutorial

We didn’t actually have anything to match the red ones, but my girls love those flippy sequin things. I ended up sewing a red shirt so now they are totally justified! (More on that next week!)

Red flip sequin heart hair clip- simple DIY project!

I actually used up all of the hearts in the packs so that I could give some away to my nieces. (See? Not hoarding!) These would make really cute valentine gifts. I bet you could even come up with a clever saying! I was not feeling very clever, though.

Such an easy valentine idea for girls- hair clips made from Target Dollar Spot hearts!

I am not really going to call this a tutorial. This is so simple that anyone could make them. I believe in you.

First, you need to run to Target and buy those cute, puffy hearts. Now! Before they are sold out!

You will also need hair clips. I had the double prong alligator clips on hand, but snap clips would work, too.

Target Dollar Spot hearts make cute hair clips!

Then, just hot glue the hair clip to the back of the heart. EASY!!! I was even very careful about making sure they faced opposite directions in case my girls wanted to wear two at once. That was the hardest part of this. I also had the no-slip silicone grip things in my crafty stash, but they are optional. They were just peel and stick.

Just hot glue hearts from the Target Dollar Spot to hair clips!

It only took a few minutes to put these together. I could have lined the clips with ribbon but that was more work and I think they are fine without. These would probably be cute on a headband, too. Now, I don’t know that these are approved for child safety, so please consider that and don’t let little kids eat them or anything.

Glitter and sequin heart hair clips- 5 minute craft project!
DIY Puffy Heart Hair Clips

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