Guest Book Quilt


Last fall we had a 70th anniversary party for my grandparents. My Meemaw and Pappy are just so spunky and we are so blessed to have them in our lives and in great health! My Pap makes quite an impression. He says the wildest things and tells the funniest stories. He has a knack for finding amazing deals and making a quick profit. He also makes wooden crosses in his workshop and carries them in his pocket to give away. My Meemaw is such a sweetheart and, although she might flare her nostrils at him from time to time, she tolerates his antics with a little smile. She still sings in the choir and volunteers at church. She comes to as many of her great-grandchildren's sporting events as she can. (Her senior admission card is falling apart but she is so proud of it!) She pretty much just radiates sweetness and love.

70th anniversary guest book quilt

We celebrated their anniversary (and Pap's 90th birthday) with a party last fall. As an alternative to a guest book, I offered to make a quilt. I had several charm packs (sets of assorted 5" squares of fabric) that I had won in giveaways and I cut some additional 5" blocks from solid white. The guests used fabric markers to sign the squares or add a special message.

Then, after letting them sit on my desk for a few months, I finally got around to making the quilt. I just did basic patchwork, arranging the squares pretty randomly and even using the unsigned squares in case anyone wants to sign it later. I added a white border and then did free motion quilting. I am not very good at free motion quilting. I need a lot more practice. I basically just decided that finished was better than perfect.

It is just a lap size quilt. I probably could have added in some other quilt squares to make it bigger, but I kind of just picture this draped over Meemaw's couch or Pap covering up with it while sitting on his recliner. :)

I was running out of daylight to take these pics- and we had snow- but I am going to now bombard you with quilt pictures because this was a fun project and it has been awhile since I actually finished a quilt:

Scrappy Guest Book Quilt

70th Anniversary Autograph Quilt

Scrappy Guest Book Quilt Idea


Anniversary Party Guest Book Signed Quilt

How to make a guest book quilt...

Make a guest book quilt using charm packs!

Charm squares make an easy guest book alternative quilt!

Instead of a guest book have each guest sign a quilt square- great way to use charm packs!

If you would like to pin this idea for later... I mean, it isn't anything super original, but it will get much more use than a regular guest book and the charm squares did make it significantly easier!

Guest Book Quilt Idea- use charm packs and a fabric marker!

Pink Lemonade First Birthday

My last baby is one year old. 
Yeah, I am tearing up a little just typing that.
Anywho... let's move on now. Since it was our last (sniff, sniff) first birthday I went all out! I have always wanted to do a pink lemonade theme and these silly kids keep going and getting their own opinions about things. This was probably my last chance.
We don't usually go "all out" for birthdays. Just our family and some cake, ice cream, and snacks. A pack of balloons and a little crepe paper if I feel ambitious. This time I put a little extra effort into the decorations, but only because they will be used in her nursery, too. We have parties in our sunroom since it is a large, open area. We actually set up picnic tables outside this time, but I kept the food inside. I just hung some pink balloons and yellow crepe paper (the other kids insist on this) and put some silk daisy bunches that I got on clearance at Joann's and Michaels in some clear vases.
pink lemonade first birthday party
On the windowsill I arranged some pink and yellow items like her first dress (yellow) and her first hat (pink).
pink lemonade first birthday party
pink lemonade first birthday party
I also mod podged some frames I already had and printed out THIS free printable from Daisy Cottage Designs.
yellow honeycomb frame
pink and yellow frames
I painted some wooden signs, too, just 'cause I am on a sign kick for my etsy shop and felt like it.
pink lemonade sign
pink lemonade first birthday party

pink lemonade first birthday party
Yeah, I am totally redoing that one...

Oh, and each month I have been taking her picture in a washbasket, so I clipped those on the wash line that already hangs out in my sunroom.
For the food I found lemon and strawberry cake mix at the store so I did a batch of each in cupcakes. Of course, I added sprinkles. Gotta' have sprinkles! 
pink lemonade first birthday party
Of course, there was ice cream, pink lemonade, regular lemonade, and other goodies. I also made striped jello in lemon and strawberry.
The most labor intensive thing I did for Hannah's birthday party was to make her a romper. I have wanted to make her one for awhile now and this was a good reason. I got the fabric at Joann's and I actually bought a pdf pattern. I am not going to source the pattern because I was not very happy with it and do not think that it was worth the money. The final product was still pretty cute, though!
pink and yellow baby romper
pink and yellow baby romper
yellow ruffle

I think it is too big, so maybe she will get to wear it some early next summer. The ruffles should be higher, too. Well, I learned some things anyway...

pink and yellow baby romper
pink and yellow baby romper

Here it is compared to the very first thing I sewed for her

Oh, it is so tiny!!!
Excuse me. I am gonna go cry and eat some more of the leftover ice cream now.
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Hello Kitty Ears

I am back-tracking a little bit here, since I finally got all of my Christmas pictures off of the camera card. :) Right before Christmas, we celebrated Isabelle's 7th birthday and she wanted Hello Kitty again.  Just for fun, I made a dozen or so of these Hello Kitty ear headbands.


They were super easy and cute! I got the idea on Pinterest and you can see more Hello Kitty party cuteness HERE. I got 6-packs of headbands at the Dollar Tree and used a coupon on the felt at Michael's, so they were cheap, too.
Isabelle even made the adults wear them. Doesn't Aunt Loni look cute?

To make things a little different, I went with cookies and cupcakes instead of the Hello Kitty cake like I made a few years ago (seen HERE).  I bent a metal cookie cutter in the shape of Hello Kitty's head and made cut-out sugar cookies.  I made lots of them for her to take into school, so these are the not-as-cute leftovers. If I had had more time, I would have made them all glazed over in white icing first, but the rest of the decorating is icing and melted chocolate for the eyes. It made them in the last-minute-right-before-Christmas-good-enough stage.

It made for a Happy Birthday for Isabelle, so that is what matters! :)

Strawberry Shortcake Ball Gown


My daughter is STILL on the Strawberry Shortcake kick, so for her fourth birthday she wanted a Strawberry Shortcake "theme"... again.  But this time she wanted all of her friends, too.  OK.  No problem.  And, just because I wanted to, I made her a Strawberry Shortcake ball gown - copied from the Glimmerberry Ball movie.

 I am pretty happy with the results and I think she likes it, too!  I used the more expensive satin from Walmart and it was worth it!  It was so much easier than the cheap stuff I used on the Pinkalicious dress.

The bodice was patterned after a tank top that fits her well and it has velcro in the back since I didn't have any zippers on hand.  Under the arms I used single fold bias tape and used that for the straps, too.

The bottom is a circle skirt with sparkly tulle overlays - I just cut the waist circles off center and graduated the sizes for the layers on the dress I was replicating.

Oh- my biggest cheater factor is that I melted the edges of the skirt with a lighter instead of sewing a hem- I hate hemming on a curve, especially with satin!

The headband is made from an old Tshirt and leftover satin scraps.  I have been waiting weeks to get this post up because I didn't have that strawberry on the front or the headband done in time for her party.

Now, back to the Strawberry Shortcake & Friends party.  I didn't flinch a bit when she asked for that because I had already bought her a set of dolls on clearance at Target after Christmas to save for her birthday and figured I could stick 'em on some cupcakes!

Lots of sprinkles (clearance from Valentines Day at Target) and some strawberry gummies and we were set!

BUT, because I was so ambitious, I actually made strawberry shortcake, blueberry muffins, lemon meringue pie (my first time!), and "plum pudding."

Actually, that was just dirt pudding with the pudding part dyed purple!

OK!  I finally blogged about the last birthday in time to get ready for the next one!  Grace will be one year old on Sunday!  It makes me all sappy and sentimental...