Felt Deer Mask

The clock is ticking, but I haven't started any Halloween costumes yet. I need to get the kids to make final decisions and lock them in soon. Instead, I am still blogging about the last-minute costumes I made last year! This is actually my favorite of the costumes. My daughter wanted to be a deer. She just wore brown leggings and a brown sweater with a furry scarf and leg warmers, plus black flats for her "hooves". It was not totally deer-accurate, but still very cute and cozy! All I had to do was create a mask for her to wear. We were going to add antlers, but she was a girly deer, so we skipped that.

Easy Last-Minute Deer Costume for Girls

I even used glitter!

Pretty felt deer mask for a girls' costume

I feel the need to clarify that this mask was inspired by one that I saw on Pinterest, from etsy. I made quite a few changes to her design and she is not selling them anymore. (Hers were much nicer!)

Anyway, here is a little look at the behind-the-scenes process of how I made mine...


I made a template for the pieces that you can download HERE. Just make sure that you print it in "actual size" for an older child. Just head to Pinterest for a tutorials for the felt rose. They have lots of them!


At the very last minute, I made a felt tail to pin to the back of her sweater. I just cut a deer tail shape and glued some fuzzy white yarn to one side. No pics of that on her, cause I am not photographing her behind. That is weird.


I think I prefer my newer method of adding simple accessories to regular clothes for an easy costume. It is more comfortable for the kids and when we are at our family party they can easily take them off to play. I am really hoping that they choose easy costumes this year!

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The Easiest DIY Unicorn Costume

I can't stress this enough... Halloween costumes around here are usually VERY LOW EFFORT. They are usually last-minute, too. Now, this is not entirely my fault. I have been asking my children for weeks what they would like to dress up as. I either get an "I don't knooooooow" answer or ever-changing, impossible answers. Some of them also think that they are "too old" for costumes, but I bet that some of them change their minds on October 30 around 9pm. I also refuse to spend a lot of money on costumes. Have you seen the price tags on some of them! Ouch! I can't do it. My youngest daughter LOVES unicorns. She saw a cute unicorn costume last year at Target for $30 and it was white. We also don't do white costumes. We live in the country and the kids sneak in their candy. It is just a bad idea. She had a gray shirt and leggings, so she was a gray unicorn. I just made a headband and tail to complete the costume. She was still thrilled!

The Easiest DIY Unicorn Costume Ever!
Super easy unicorn costume that anyone can make!

If you want to be a cheap slacker mom like me, here is how I did it...

Simple unicorn headband and tail for a last minute costume

First, I made a headband for the ears and horn. I started with a wide, glittery headband from the dollar bins near the check-out at Joann. The horn is made of a pencil wrapped in scraps of felt I had leftover from other costumes. I sewed a triangle of fancy metallic fabric to slip over the top, stuffed more, folded the ends under, and hot glued it in place. (Minus the pencil, which might be dangerous even if we haven't had any problems, the closest tutorial and pattern I can find is HERE.) I also used elastic hair ties to divide the horn on angles.

This unicorn headband looks so easy to make!

The ears are made from felt.  I cut pink ears a little smaller for the inside and the gray extends straight down for a few inches to wrap around. I also pinched the center of the ears and glued it together near the base to give them a little more dimension.

how to make a unicorn headband

Next came the tail. I sewed some wide elastic together in a loop the same size as her waist. If you are a no-sew kinda gal you could hot glue it, too. Or, you could use ribbon and tie it on. Whatever works for you. I had some strips of tulle in various colors left over from the ninja turtle costumes. I added some pink and lilac, too. The strips are 6" wide and varying lengths. (Just double the length you want!) Then, all I did was hold them all together and loop them over the elastic. Just like latch hooking. 80s skills comin' in handy! Woohoo!

Easy Tulle Unicorn Tail

For one last detail, I used hair chalks from Five Below ($3) to make streaks in her hair/mane that coordinated with the tail colors.

hair chalk to make a unicorn mane

She wears her unicorn headband pretty often, so that was another nice feature about going this route. One of her many ideas for Halloween is a gray cat. I wonder if I could get away with another headband and tail... Sweet!

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