DIY Fleece Peacock Tutu Costume

Two years ago, our family went trick-or-treating as the Ninja Turtles. Last year, my son decided he was too old (actually he decided that before but we forced him/bribed him with the baby's share of candy). So, everyone got to choose their own costume again. No theme.

I chose for the youngest. I really, really, REALLY wanted to make a peacock tutu costume. I just love the colors and thought it would be pretty. However, we live in Pennsylvania (in case the blog name didn't give it away) and it gets pretty cold in late October. Three years ago we had snow! So, I needed to make it warm, too. Β I made a fleece hooded sweatshirt by copying one she already had (the sleeves ended up a little long, though) and fleece pants (free pattern from Fleece Fun- if you make some the back should be bigger). On the hood I sewed eyes, eyelashes, a beak, and some crest feathers (yup, I googled that to see what they are called.)

I made the tutu with leftovers from the turtle tutus and some crochet headband elastic. There are layers of short to long pieces of tulle in the back for a plumage effect.

I hand sewed it to the bottom of the sweatshirt because I knew that was the only way she would keep it on.

I made these pretty felt feathers and hot glued them to satin ribbons in the back. They did get a little heavy and sink into the tulle when she was wearing the costume, so I would probably do it a little differently if I were to make another. Which, I won't because I don't need to, but if you make one you can figure it out.

Everything was on hand and left over from other projects,Β so it didn't cost me anything to make! Sweet!