Gray Fox Costume

I lucked out and only made 1/2 costume this year. My 7yo wanted to be a gray fox. The fox color alternated until the last week and I finally quoted Regis and said, “Is that your final answer?”

I wanted to make something that wasn’t just a costume. She loves foxes and it seemed more “worth it” to me to make something that she can wear on the regular. I have gotten a little lazier and pickier with these last few kids because costumes aren’t going to be handed down to little sisters for multiple future Halloweens. Hats off to those moms who put in hours of hard labor for a one-Halloween costume. Your ambition is impressive!

Anyway, I decided to make a sweatshirt. I already had this gray sweatshirt fleece that didn’t work for the originally intended project. I lined the hood with mint blue knit for a fun contrast but forgot to take a pic of that. I used THIS free pattern (size 8 so it is one size too big for her = more wear) and hacked the hood with THIS tutorial. I had to reshape the hood a few times to make it curvier and I am still not happy with it, but I have low ambition, remember? If I ever make another one (probs not) I would do it differently. However, my daughter likes it- besides her new request for me to add pockets. (Again, probs not.)


As I said, I only made a half of a costume. My sister was here when I was about to start the costume and she made the yarn fox tail. There are a bunch of tutorials out there, but basically you braid yarn and use a wire pet brush to fluff out the ends. Then you tie on more yarn, fluff, and repeat, working your way up the tail. I sewed while she fluffed and we finished at the same time. It took 3 hours! This tail is soft and fluffy and glorious! Thanks, Loni!!!


The yarn was leftover stuff I had laying around. Literally. It was laying on my bedroom floor. I already had the fabric. So, do you know what that means? Free costume! Sweet!

I don’t know why she wanted to wear this with cowgirl boots, but whatever. She is actually wearing jeggings, though, so that transformation is a pretty big deal for her!


Happy Halloween!