Altoid Tin Magnetic Playset Tutorial

This was a craft project that I had been wanting to do for a long time. It took awhile to empty one of those Altoid tins because it was well hidden in my purse and they are so curiously strong that the kids won't steal and eat them all in one sitting even if they do find them. My mom also donated a few to the cause, so we were finally able to craft with them last fall. We made several of them to include in our shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child and another one to keep. These would be perfect to tuck into a purse to keep kids quiet in waiting rooms or at church.

Magnetic Playsets in Altoid Tins- These are great for the kids to make to put in Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes!
Easy kids craft project! Altoid Tin Magnet Playsets
Magnetic stickers in an altoid tin- so easy to make!
Washi tape covered altoid tin

So, I came up with a tutorial to show you how we made ours, even though they are pretty easy.

Altoid Tin Magnet Playsets- perfect to tuck into the purse or diaper bag!

This was a free project, using only things we had on hand. Not everything is pictured, but you need...

  • Altoid tin

  • stickers

  • magnets

  • cardstock

  • glue stick

  • washi tape

  • scissors

  • pen

Great Earth Day Recycle Craft! Altoid Tin Playsets made from promo magnets, altoid tins, sticker, and washi tape.

Put washi tape around the outside of the lid. You can use a thin washi tape, but I just cut some in half to make do with what we already had.


Washi tape around the bottom, leaving an opening where the hinges go.

How to put washi tape on a tin with hinges

Washi tape the back below the hinges. Wrap the extra under the bottom if needed.


Cover the lid with washi tape, leaving a little extra all around.


Trim off the extra with scissors and press the edges down well.

I love washi tape! Use it to decorate and old Altoid Tin and make it cute!
Washi tape altoid tins- so cute and easy!

Now, for the inside...

Trace the bottom of the tin on some cardstock.


Draw a scene to coordinate with the magnets. The kids loved doing this!

Kids can draw their own background for these altoid tin playsets.

Cut it out, check the sizing, and use gluestick to adhere the cardstock to the inside of the Altoid tin lid.


Finally... the magnets! Place stickers on the magnets. We had some free promotional magnets that worked great! You want them to be relatively thin anyway.

use old promo magnets to make stickers into magnets

Use scissors to cut around the stickers.

How to turn stickers into magnets...

If you would like, you can also add washi tape to the inside of the bottom.

Use sticker sets, free magnets, and old mint tins to make a playset for the kids!

There are a lot of possibilities with these! Feel free to pin it for later...

Altoid Tin Magnetic Playset Tutorial

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