Felt Penguin Dress-Up Busy Bag

A few weeks ago I was talking to my sister about how to keep the kids occupied when you are trying to get something accomplished that requires a little more concentration and brain power- like taxes. One thing that I like to do is to keep certain toys and activities out of reach so that they have that novelty factor when I do pull them out. It can be puzzles, play-doh, or a box of toys with tiny pieces that I do not like cleaning up. Sometimes I also look for busy bag ideas on Pinterest. I found a cute felt penguin idea HERE so I decided to make my own. Of course, I over-achieved a little bit and made the accessories more detailed. All it took was some felt scraps, hot glue, and a few googly eyes.

DIY felt penguin dress up game

felt dress up penguin busy bag

felt penguin dress up game

Try this easy toddler felt penguin busy bag!

It is fun to mix and match, but it can also be used for color sorting.

Toddler activity- play dress-up with felt penguins.

Everything fit inside a regular sandwich bag, so I just keep it in a drawer to pull out on special occasions when I need a few minutes.

felt penguin busy bag

felt penguin dress-up busy bag

If you want to pin this one to save it for later...

Make this penguin dress-up toddler busy bag.

If you are super ambitious, I have lots of quiet books I have made that you can see HERE.

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