Raising Farm Kids

Spring is in full swing here with flowers, rain, baby animals, pollen allergies, and softball games. We seem to always go from one busy season or challenge to another. I don't think things will ever settle down, so I need to learn to embrace the busy and enjoy where we are in life. Our garden is woefully behind schedule but the animals are doing well. The new additions are three adorable Hereford calves, 75 chicks, five keets (guineas), and eight kittens.


I love that our children can experience farm life. We make a lot of sacrifices to try a little bit of farming, but there are so many rewards. Our kids can go out in the yard and play ball anytime they want; there is so much room to run and play. The animals are a great resource for learning about biology.  (Sometimes their teachers and classmates are a bit taken aback by the graphic, veterinary terminology used in sharing time!) They learn how to work hard and will hopefully be able to appreciate everything that goes into raising/growing food. Farm kids also learn to drive on tractors.


We may not have the newest and best of everything, but these experiences are priceless. I know as they get older and their classmates flaunt cell phones and gadgets and all the brand names it gets harder for them. Those things will only last so long. Memories and knowledge will last much longer.