Egg Letter Matching Activity

I like to make sure that my children are able to occupy themselves. It is how I get things done around here and a good life skill for them. With only one at home this year, it has been challenging. She can get really clingy. "Mommy, take a nap with me!" really means come lay with me while I talk your ear off and keep annoyingly touching your face. She is such a tease because a nap sounds awesome! I do enjoy snuggling with her, but I can't do that all day. I keep certain toys on a shelf that only come out once in awhile to help maintain their novelty factor. (She is playing with the dollhouse while I type this post.) Puzzles, Lincoln Logs, play-doh, and other generally messy things fall into this category.

I also like to have a few "busy bags" on hand. It was something that I had to do with my 5yo before she went to school. She would not work on anything educational with me and I was concerned that she was not prepared for school. If I was sneaky and gave her a "special game," she played with it and learned without realizing it.

Use plastic eggs for a simple busy bag or learning center activity matching upper and lower case alphabet letters!

My 3yo has been working on letters, so I came up with an activity that will grow with her. I got a bag of plastic eggs (I bet most parents have a bajillion of these laying around right now) and put upper and lower case letters on them. Then, I created alphabet cards that have pictures with beginning sounds to match each of the letters. (You can download it HERE.) There are a lot options with these eggs. They can be used to work on colors, matching, letters, patterns, counting, etc.

Plastic egg letter matching activity with free printable!
Alphabet Egg Busy Bag with free printable

I think it was a few minutes of prep time well spent because this will keep her busy and learning for much longer!

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