4th of July Fabric Buntings... Or Procrastination at It's Finest

13 years ago, our Walmart had a great fabric section and in the post-9/11 Americana decor phase they carried a very nice selection of patriotic fabric. I, of course, stocked up on quite a bit of it. I made THESE dresses for my girls a few years ago, but still have a shoebox tote packed full of it.

2 years ago I started to make some 4th of July fabric buntings. I cut all the triangles and sewed a bunch of them together. I even ironed a few of them. But it was summer. I was enormously pregnant. I would have had to iron more to make bias tape. Ehh... Back in the tote they went.

Last week, I pulled the tote out and decided to finish one of them. All I had to do was iron and sew the triangles to the bias tape (which I must have gotten at a thrift store or something since then.) It took me maybe a half hour to do all of that.

Since I realized how easy it was and still had plenty of triangles cut out- and some red and blue ones sewn- I finished another one. My 9yo daughter sewed the rest of the triangles together. She did a pretty good job! I finished it up and we gave this one to Grammy. We even hung it up on her mantle for her. It earned a few "wow"s from my 3yo nephew. :)

I have enough triangles ready to go to make one more of these, but I need bias tape. I just don't feel like making any. So, maybe in a few more years I will make another one. :)

Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans!