Lily's Quiet Book ~ Paper Dolls Pages


I still have some of this paper doll fabric left (from HERE and HERE) and my girls love dressing up the dolls, so it was a given that I would include these pages. I made a few changes, though.

I thought the previous pages were a bit plain so I made it look like there is a floor by sewing a strip along the bottom. (It drives me crazy that they don't line up perfectly, but I broke a needle sewing the pages together and wasn't about to redo it.) I made the dresser in white instead of brown and moved it to the left. To the right of the dresser I added a felt dog. I think he is pretty cute!

Everything else is pretty much the same. The dresser is a storage pocket for all of the cute clothes and accessories.


That is it! You can see all of the pages in Lily's quiet book by clicking on the image below:
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