Independence Day Dresses

I felt like making dresses for the girls again this year. Don't be too impressed, though. These were super easy!

I just whipped up some peasant dresses, but shortened the length and sleeves a bit. For the youngest daughter, I also decreased the width. (See my fast peasant dress sewing tutorial HERE.)

Then, in my quest to use up my patriotic fabric stash (see HERE), I added these big blue and white starry bows. I actually ran out (HOORAY!) and had to make a quick run to the fabric store for more-I had to settle for some with red stars, too. I have a tutorial coming up next week for the bows.

Grammy came over and brought Jamberry nail wraps, the girls found some hair clips from Independence Day three years ago- the last time I made dresses for July 4th, and they played with the kittens while I snapped pictures.

The looked pretty and festive... at least for a few minutes. :)

Happy Independence Day!!