Hula Hoop Wreath Tutorial

I usually forget to decorate my porch for spring. I keep my Valentine wreath on the door until it is time to decorate for July 4th. I am being an over-achiever this year, though. I really, really wanted a wreath made of pink tulips. I just couldn’t find any that I loved enough to spend money on, and when I priced fake tulips to make one I cheaped out. Instead, I started with stuff I already had and only bought an extra $3 in supplies. I am definitely happy with the result!

Spring wreath made from a dollar store hula hoop!

I bet that if I hadn’t given it away in the title you would not have known this wreath was made from a hula hoop! (You can see another one I made HERE.) I got this hula hoop at the Dollar Tree. It is the smallest size they carry- 20” in diameter. The remaining $2 I spent was on extra fake flowers and hot glue sticks. I bought the blue flowers to make a summer wreath last year, but never got around to it. The white ones are leftover from THIS wreath (which I don’t think would hold up outside.) The ribbon was leftover from THIS rustic winter tree. I feel like I should get bonus points for using up craft supplies I already owned.

This wreath is pretty simple to make, so you probably don’t need a tutorial, but I am posting one anyway!

Dollar Store Hula Hoop Spring Wreath Tutorial

I actually switched up a few of the flowers after I took this picture, but you get the idea. :)

First, wrap the hula hoop. I had a linen and lace wired ribbon and it worked well to cover the hoop, but for non-wired ribbon you could also wind it around the hoop on an angle, overlapping as you wrap.

Wrap ribbon around a hula hoop for a cheap hoop wreath alternative!
Hot glue ribbon around a hula hoop to make a cheap alternative hoop wreath base!

Next, add the flowers. My “design process” is below in a slideshow.

My method for attaching the flowers is not very precise, but it worked. I cut the large and medium flowers off of the stems and hot glued them to the front of the wreath. For the larger ones I even wrapped some of their bottom leaves around the hoop to hold them on tightly. I kept the smaller flowers on the stems and used floral tape or wire to fasten them to the hoop. When adding extra leaves I used hot glue again. It isn’t very neat, but it is the back of the wreath, so I don’t care.

how to attach flowers to a hula hoop
wire flower stems and use hot glue to attach to a hula hoop wreath

The wreath is so cute that it makes my old, broken storm door look bad. I also didn’t consider that my interior door is light and the wreath doesn’t stand out as well when it is closed. Now I am thinking of painting it. That doesn’t mean I will actually do it, though.

Full disclosure: I broke out my Norwex rags and cleaned the windows just for these pictures. My blog readers are worth it. :)

hula hoop spring wreath tutorial
Wreath made from a $1 hula hoop!
spring wreath made from a Dollar Tree hula hoop

Here is a fun before and after if you want to pin it for later…

Dollar Store Hula Hoop to Spring Wreath

I designed the rest of my spring porch decor around the blue flowers and I will share that next week!

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