Women's Ruffle Shirt to Toddler Dress

I ran out of steam and went with something simple for the last dress.  I turned a sleeveless, women's turtleneck made of ruffle fabric into a toddler dress. This project was fairly easy and, most importantly, quick. I was tired of procrastinating!

ruffle tank dress

fold over elastic arm bands

ruffle fabric dress

I used the Uptown/Downtown dress pattern again. This time, however, I removed the foldover elastic from the arm holes of the original shirt and reapplied them. It wasn't as clean as the sparkly top dress, but the ruffle fabric was harder to use. The lining is made from the rest of the t shirt I used for the sparkly top dress lining.

teal ruffle fabric dress

back of ruffle dress

womens ruffle shirt to toddler tank dress

I can check another one off of my list of goals for the 3rd quarter of the Finish-A-Long. Woohoo!
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Women's Ruffle Shirt to Toddler Dress
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