Sparkly Womens Tank to Girls Dress Top

This dress was so simple to make, but my daughter loves it! The top is sparkly, the bottom is silky, it has a nice drape, and it is comfortable. sparkly womens tank to girls dress top

The outside is made from a women's sparkly tank and  the lining is made from a women's T shirt. The top was constructed using the Uptown/Downtown Dress pattern. This pattern is great for knit fabrics! I have used it several times just to save myself the hassle of drafting my own pattern for something so simple.

sparkly teal top girls dress

She wanted the skirt to be a high-low hem, but I messed up, so it isn't. It is made of fabric I got at a yard sale or something and I didn't even bother to hem it.

sparkly womens tank to girls dress

back of sparkly tank dress

I was really happy with how neat and tidy it looks on the outside and inside. I used a "burrito" method to sew around the arms.

sparkly tank top dress

inside of sleeveless dress

Overall, I like the simple design of this dress because it lets the beautiful fabrics stand out. I  had everything on hand and didn't have to buy anything, which makes it even better!

womens sparkly tank to girls dress top

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