Women's Strapless Dress to Girls' Halter Dress

This dress was the least drastic transformation, but it required a lot more work than most of the other dresses to do it properly. It started out as a women's strapless dress, so I just had to remove the cups, take in and reshape the chest and sides, then add halter ties. However, it is fully lined and I ended up ripping the whole thing apart so it wasn't as easy as it looks. It turned out really cute and fits her really well, though.

Take in a women's dress and add straps to make a girls' halter dress.

Add halter ties to a women's strapless dress.I like the idea of thinking outside the box and even if something doesn't fit or has features you don't like, you can redesign it and make it work for you. There are a lot of possibilities when refashioning clothing.

women's party dress to girls' halter dress refashion

refashioned girls' halter dress

back of girls' halter dress

Turn a women's strapless dress into a little girls' halter dress.Link Parties where I sometimes hang out…