Easy Ribbon Wands

DIY Ribbon Wands- easy kids craft

Easy Ribbon Wands- takes just minutes to make!

I thought ribbon wands would be a fun craft project for the girls and a nice addition to the little "photo shoot" we do with their new mama-made dresses each year. The girls had fun playing with them and even got to choose ribbon from my stash to coordinate with their dresses.

Fun and easy ribbon wand kids craft project

Beautiful ribbon wands- easy to make a a great photography prop for girls

Easy DIY Ribbon Wands

Simple ribbon wands for little girls to play with

These took just a few minutes to make! Here is how we made them:

  1. Cut dowels into three pieces- each 12" long.
  2. Sand them a little to smooth out any rough edges from the saw blade.
  3. Pre-drill a small hole in the center of the end going straight down into the dowel.
  4. Screw in an eye hook.
  5. Cut a few yards of satin ribbon.
  6. Carefully melt the ends with a lighter so the ribbon won't fray.
  7. Tie the ribbon onto the hook.

Ribbon wands using eye hooks

Fun ribbon wands kids craft

There are a lot of options with these- you could let the kids be a little more involved and paint the dowels, which we might do sometime. The ribbon is easy to change out if you want a different color or it gets to be too dirty. They are also a very cheap project to make, so it would be good for a group of girls or a party craft/favor.

Here is an image to pin if you want to save it for later...

Easy Ribbon Wands Tutorial

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