Finish-A-Long Goals Q3


Well, I got a big jump on finishing things last quarter... and then life happened. We got busy. Now it is summer and soon it will be harvest time for the garden. So, things don't look like they are going to slow down anytime soon.

But, here is my list anyway. I don't know how much I can actually accomplish in the next three months, but I will try my best.

1. Spring Quiet Book- Yes, I am aware that it is now mid-July.

2. My Nephew's Baby Quilt- He just turned 2. I have to hurry because soon he won't be the baby anymore and I will have another quilt to make.


3. Doll Bedding- Actually, this is a good one to do this summer while she is home from school. I actually forgot about it until I started this post.
4. Doll Dresses- These won't take that long. I just need to find the time and motivation to actually do it!
5. Drawstring Bags - Again. Not hard. Just need to set aside the time to finish them.

6. Easter Dresses- Yes, I am aware it is now mid-July. I have just one more to go!

7. Scrappy Quilts- I made a lot of progress and then it got pushed aside.

9. More Scrap Quilts- I found more buried in my sewing table. I even finished sewing the tops and basted!
10. And Even More Scrap Quilts- I started these sooooo long ago.
11.Peasant Dresses- I am unsure if we are making these to send overseas this year, but I can always finish them for next year!
11. Hannah's Quilt- I wanted to baste it, but found out my backing isn't big enough. Now I have to figure something else out. Ugh.
So, that is my embarrassing list. I hope I can find time to finish a few of them. I really don't like the guilt that accompanies my uncompleted projects. I am so thankful for the Finish-A-Long hosts for giving me the extra motivation!