Spring Quiet Book ~ Cover


Yes, I know it is July. Better late than never.

So, since it is now summer and we are in a heat advisory this morning, I have been finally getting pictures of this quiet book ready to post while hiding in the AC. However, I realized that the spring book is much more detailed than the winter quiet book and resulted in a crazy amount of pictures. Rather than overload one big post, I am going to split it up and do two pages at a time over the next week or two. Today, you are just getting to see the outside.

The color scheme I chose for this book included aqua, pink, gray, yellow, spring green, red, navy, and white. I pulled out all of the scraps that I had with those colors and put them in a tote as I was working on this project. That way, I didn't rip apart my entire sewing area looking for a tiny scrap of fabric each time I wanted to sew something. It includes some designer Vintage Modern and Scrumptious by Bonnie & Camille as well as vintage fabrics and fabrics from Joann's and Walmart as well. As long as it matched, it went in the bag.

I tried some thread applique in this book. I originally planned on putting rain boots on the cover, but my daughter kept calling it the "birdie book" (you will see why later) so I put these cute little birds on the cover instead. (The yellow is from THIS dress and the pink from THIS apron.) I added some trim and buttons for more detail. I also added a velcro closure as that has been very handy with the winter quiet book.

The back cover is made of Vintage Modern fabrics leftover from THIS quilt and THIS diaper bag. I also added some cute trim between the last page and back cover. I think I might try do do a book with trims on every page edge sometime!

The binding is a navy and aqua quatrefoil that I applied like quilt binding, tucking the ends in.

Here are more pages in this quiet book: