Umbrella and Flowers Quiet Book Pages


One of the first ideas I had for a spring themed quiet book page was to make an umbrella with sliding bead raindrops. That grew into the April showers bring May flowers pages.

I had some gray bias tape on hand, but I had to buy a big bag of clear beads just for the few that I needed.


I appliqued a yellow umbrella with the machine, but the handle is hand embroidered with a satin stitch.
Those little duck buttons were just so cute that I couldn't resist!
"April showers..." (wish I hadn't capitalized 'showers') was hand embroidered on a strip of aqua on the bottom. The tricky part was trying to match up "bring May flowers." It isn't perfect, but close enough.
Oh, and those little ladybug buttons were also irresistibly cute!
Under the buttons is a flowerpot appliqued with a machine blanket stitch. I wanted to do something different from the usual ric rac stem flowers I have made HERE and HERE and HERE.


One side of the flowers is from a Vintage Modern print...

...and the other is various scraps, including one from my great-grandmother's fabric and my daughter's first birthday outfit.


I like seeing all the little scraps of past projects in these quiet books.

You can see the rest of the pages for this quiet book as they are posted by clicking on the image below.