Free Printable Planner Stickers ~ Houseplants

Every now and then I feel like designing more planner stickers. I actually designed these awhile ago when I was feeling pretty melancholy. I think it shows.

Hard times are, well, hard, but when you are through them you can see how they might have changed you for the better in some ways.

You can get the free printable HERE. I just print mine out on adhesive label paper and cut them out with scissors. These were designed to fit my Classic Happy Planner. I got the graphics from Freepik.

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Free Printable Planner Stickers ~ Soccer

Spring sports have begun. It is generally our busiest season of the year. Being in a very rural area, it is not uncommon for games to be 45 minutes (or more) from our home. On a weeknight, sometimes going in opposite directions, that can be nuts!

I definitely need some planner stickers to keep track of this stuff!

First up, I have some soccer planner stickers. I made them in colors that coordinate with my planner, and also in black and white. They are all 1.5" wide to fit the Classic Happy Planner.


You can download and/or print these stickers for personal use by clicking the links below:

Colorful Soccer Planner Stickers

Black and White Soccer Planner Stickers

I am hoping for an organized and successful season! :)


P.S. I also have archery and fitness stickers available:

Arrow Free Printable Planner Stickers