DIY Frame Earring Holder

My parents like to do birthday sleepovers with their older grandchildren. It is a great way for them to spend time with them (memories>things) and the kids get individual attention with time away from their siblings. The kids get to choose a restaurant (even if it is McDonald’s) and go shopping for their birthday gifts. Sometimes, my dad will also do a woodworking project with the kids. It is really more about the time spent together than the project, but they have made some really neat stuff!

One of the “Pappy Projects” was this frame earring holder he made with my oldest daughter. It is a great way to keep her earrings organized and away from her younger siblings.

Make an easy frame earring holder to keep earrings organized!

He made the frame, but you could probably upcycle and old frame, too. They stopped at Michaels during the shopping trip and got heavy cross stitch fabric to hold the earrings.

How to make an earring holder from a wood frame

The cross stitch fabric was cut to size and hot glued to the frame after it was painted. I have seen other frame earring holders, but usually they have chicken wire or something that doesn’t work for the post earrings. That is the style she prefers to wear, and the easiest to lose, so this worked great!

Use heavy cross stitch fabric in a frame to hold post earrings and keep them organized!

So that the frame can stand on its own, he drilled holes in the bottom corners and glued a piece of dowel rod in place. That way, the frame is free-standing, but the back is still open.

Dowels behind a simple wood frame so that it stands but the back is still accessible!

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Make an easy frame earring holder that holds post earrings, too!

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