DIY School Supplies

I love school supplies! I think it is the teacher in me. 

This year we hardly needed to buy any school supplies. My son graduated and I cleaned his room this summer when he was on a trip. I seriously found enough school supplies in his room to supply all 5 girls for the next 2 years. Every year he got me to buy him stuff, but he ended up shoving all of his papers into one textbook or notebook. It was a teacher's worst nightmare. The only thing we will need to buy for awhile is binders and maybe some crayons or markers.

Unlike their brother, my girls actually use their school supplies and they like them to be cute. (Me too!) Something that they have been doing for the last few years is decorating binders. I get plain binders at Walmart or Target and they slide scrapbook paper into the covers. Sometimes they label the front and sometimes they label the side. 

Of course, plain pencils are not good enough. My daughter decorates hers with washi tape. Cute!!!

This year I was on a little bit of a sewing spree, so I also made some of the girls zipper pouches to take to school. This one used scraps from THIS dress and I even added tiny pockets inside.

I like for them to be prepared for personal emergencies, so this is what we stock in those zipper pouches:

  • tissues
  • chapstick
  • hair ties
  • safety pins
  • Tide pens
  • bandaids
  • flash drive
  • hand sanitizer
  • travel deodorant
  • change
  • emery boards

I think they succeeded in making their school supplies cute this year! 

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