More Kitchen Organization

Last year, I put a lot of thought into better ways to organize my kitchen. We don't have the money to totally redo things and my husband doesn't want to make even small cosmetic changes if we hope to tear it all out one day. Soon after we moved here, I did get him to move the stove and install a dishwasher. Unfortunately, that left an awkward space where the stove hood used to be. It is the area that I use the most when cooking and baking, so I found some practical ways to make it work for me. On the side of the cupboard, I added mug hooks to hang my mixer attachments and measuring cups. I love being able to reach up and quickly grab what I need without having to dig through a drawer or cupboard!

Hang mixer attachments and measuring cups from hooks on the side of a cupboard.

On the wall behind the counter, I hung two metal spice racks, side by side. It keeps my spices handy and they look so pretty and organized.

simple wall spice rack

spice rack bottles

I got the spice racks from Amazon and the jars came from the Target Dollar Spot. They didn't have any labels, so I painted the lids with chalkboard paint. I like having the option of changing it, but they tend to wipe off if I bump them a lot or get them wet.

Chalkboard paint spice jars

It is still an awkward space, and it is not pretty, but at least it is functional and organized!

Kitchen Organization