Sunflower Planner Stickers

We planted a variety pack of sunflowers behind the playhouse this year. Not all of them made it. Some didn't come up. Some were chopped off with the weeds. Some were eaten by bugs or critters.

We replanted some of the seeds. Since our lawnmower was broken for a month we even found some plants growing from last year's sunflowers and just transplanted them. It was a slow start because we had a month of drought, and then a month of heavy rains with flooding.

Finally, they are blooming. We plant them here every year, but I think this is my favorite batch of sunflowers yet.

They are all so different, yet beautiful in their own way. Looking at them now, you would not know what a struggle it was to get to this point. After weeks of rain and dreary days, I appreciate them even more.

Enough with the philosophical stuff... 

How about a free printable? I really wanted some sunflower planner stickers, so I designed them on one of those rainy days. I also incorporated my favorite color- purple! I think these are perfect for late summer/early fall. I used clip art from to create these stickers.

Free printable sunflower planner stickers designed to fit the classic Happy Planner.

They will fit the Classic Happy Planner. I print mine out on adhesive paper and just cut them out with scissors.

Purple sunflower printable planner stickers freebie

Here is a sample layout. I usually use the bottom row for meal planning, but sometimes I do it over on the side. It all depends if I have something else to write over there.

Happy Planner sunflower layout- free printable stickers

You can download the free printable here:

Sunflower Planner Stickers

It is for personal, non-commercial use only. :)

Here are some more free printables: