Black and White Fall Planner Stickers

Fall is my favorite season! It is a change I embrace: the cooler weather, crisp air, colorful leaves, cozy sweaters, pumpkin treats, not shaving my legs,…

There have been a lot of changes in my life lately. I know that our lives are composed of many different seasons. It is hard to embrace the present when you are still hanging on to the past. I am trying to treasure memories while still looking to appreciate the here and now. (As much as the kids drove me crazy) I miss our lazy summer days, but I love watching my daughter play soccer. I miss seeing my son play football, but I am glad he is graduated. ;) I miss having little ones at home with me during the day, but it dawned on me in Target the other day that I was not wrangling kids into the cart or listening to whining. Glorious!!! I seriously miss holding babies but I am glad not to have to change diapers and buckle car seats.

It is not just the changes that have been hard. Plenty of other challenges and trials have come our way to compound things. I have been feeling pretty terrible, physically, for months. I finally went to the doctor and probably the biggest factor affecting my health is stress.

I know I have a tendency to burn myself out. I also know that I have to take a little better care of myself so that I can take better care of my family.

So these planner stickers pretty much reflect my mood. I wanted the calm simplicity of black and white with a few colorful, fall details.

Free printable planner stickers for the classic Happy Planner- black and white fall

That is some deep stuff there in these cute, little planner stickers!

Take note: I also included a box to track my water intake and a box to check off taking my allergy meds and vitamins. I am at least planning on doing better!

Black and white gingham fall planner stickers free printable!

You can download/print your free planner stickers at the link below:

Black and White Fall Planner Stickers

As always, these planner stickers fit perfectly in my classic Happy Planner. I just print them on adhesive paper and cut them out by hand. I got the images from They are for personal, non-commercial use only and don’t go copying them and putting them on your own website or anything rude like that. Be nice!

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