2019 Happy Planners and Fitness Stickers

I think it is official. I am a planner addict.

I honestly don’t know how I could possibly function and keep track of our families’ schedules in my pre-planner days. Yes, I had a wall calendar and we were not as busy, but I keep track of so much more in the planner- menus, to do lists, special memories, etc.

2019 Classic and Mini Happy Planners

I had a really hard time choosing a planner this year. I have become set in my planning ways so I wanted a vertical layout for my main planner. My favorite design only came in a horizontal layout so I got that in the mini version. I finally settled for one that is just OK. Next year I may get brave and try bullet journaling instead.

Happy Planner layouts- vertical vs. horizontal

I got two planners again because I liked keeping my blog stuff on the mini monthly calendar pages. The weekly horizontal pages I want to use as a little journal- recording, thoughts, special memories, etc. The Classic Happy Planner size is still my go-to for planning out everything that keeps our family running smooth(er).

I also designed some fitness stickers to coordinate with my new planner’s color scheme. I didn’t do this because I have lofty goals to get in shape. I am a realist. I just like having little boxes to record my running in the planner. I am a huge dork and getting a sticker for running a few miles makes me happy. I also needed the gym day stickers to mark when my elementary kids have gym and need to wear sneakers.

Free printable fitness planner stickers for the Classic Happy Planner.

I print these on adhesive paper and cut them out with scissors. If you don’t like these colors you can always print a black and white version. You can download them by clicking on the link below:

Fitness Happy Planner Boxes

Before you go, here are some more printable planner stickers you might like: