Silver White Winters Planner Stickers

We are bracing for a possible snowstorm here. They are forecasting anywhere from 2 to 20” of snow. That isn’t a joke- I am serious! The models are all over the place at this point and it is still too early to tell. Just in case, I think we are pretty well stocked up and ready. I have milk, bread, and toilet paper. I have supplies to bake cookies and plenty of hot cocoa mix. The snow clothes and sleds are out of storage. The board games are ready to go. Batteries are charged. Sewing projects are cut out and waiting!

I am actually hoping for at least a little bit of snow. I am tired of the rain and mud and brown. Snow makes everything look so fresh and clean outside!

With wishful thinking, I designed some planner stickers. I used some images from freepik and some of my own photography. I feel like they are somewhat rustic and cozy at the same time.

Printable Happy Planner stickers for winter weekly layout

These will fit the Classic Happy Planner. I just print them onto adhesive paper and cut them apart with scissors. (Eventually I want to get a Cricut or Silhouette, but I need to further downsize my craft supplies before I add another hobby. It is good motivation!)

Silver White Winters Planner Stickers Download

Free printable Happy Planner stickers for winter

Do you have any snow? Is there any in the forecast where you live? Or are you one of my international friends with lovely summer weather currently? Leave a comment and let me know!

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