Hattie Dress

My daughter had a birthday at the beginning of the summer and wanted me to sew a dress. I made a unicorn dress for her sister last year, so apparently they think this is a thing now. It isn't. 

I let her choose any fabric from my stash and she chose this adorable fox fabric that I had been hoarding. But to me, this seemed like fall fabric. I reasoned that she has plenty of sleeveless, summer dresses and decided to make one with sleeves closer to fall.

When my friend Marcia told me about the Violette Field Thread Sew-A-Long for the Hattie dress, I decided it would be perfect for the fox fabric!

Violette Field Threads Hattie Dress

I went with solid navy for the lining and I didn't have quite enough of the fox fabric, so I used a green polka dot fabric for the collar and sleeve cuffs. I sort of wish I had made the entire top from a contrasting fabric so that the foxes would be more noticeable, but too late now. The fit is pretty loose but it looks nice with a belt.

We went out in the rain to take some pictures before church on Sunday. There has been sooooooo much rain lately! 

1950s style dress in cute, fox fabric!

I really enjoyed doing the sew-a-long and seeing what the other seamstresses were making. It is fun to see the different combinations and how one pattern can create so many different looks! Overall, this was an easy sew and I plan on making more of these!

Here are some more Violette Field Threads patterns I have used...