No-Sew Littlest Pet Shop Felt Play Mat

Those annoying Littlest Pet Shop toys are so cute, but end up scattered all over the house when the girls play with them. I thought a play mat would help them contain the mess to a smaller (3 foot) square. This is a project that we planned to do last summer when I bought the felt, but it didn't happen. I have been letting my girls each choose crafty/cooking activities for us to do one-on-one and my 8yo chose this one. I did most of the cutting, but she did the designing and hot gluing. She wanted different sections - a park, a beach, a farm, and an outdoor concert.

Kids craft no-sew felt play mat

A fountain is in the center of the mat, inspired by an old CD-ROM game the girls used to play. It was a little tricky. Stacks of gray felt circles added some height. There are thin satin ribbons coming out of a slit in the center of the top circle. All of the loose ends are underneath.

Felt and ribbon used to create a 3D water fountain

The park is probably my favorite. The cobblestone path was my 12yo's suggestion. It was simple to make, but gives a really neat effect! The tree has a branch that lifts up to reveal a birds' nest. The bushes have button berries/flowers/whatever. There is a cute little pond with lily pads, too!

Make a felt cobblestone path by hot gluing gray circles
Felt play mat for Littlest Pet Shops
Littlest Pet Shop toys on a DIY felt play mat
Make a felt cobblestone path by hot gluing gray circles onto felt
Felt bird's nest in a no-sew play mat
felt pond
Make your own felt play mat.

The beach scene was fun to create. We added a boat and surfboard to the water. On the sand there is an umbrella with a beach towel that rolls up to store underneath. Off the beach, in the grassy area she wanted to add a camping area with a picnic table and a campfire.

No-sew felt play mat with a beach scene.
Felt beach umbrella and towel
Felt boat in a beach scene play mat.
Felt campfire for a no-sew play mat
DIY no-sew felt beach play mat

Next is the farm scene. They have a lot of farm animal Littlest Pet Shops. Yarn was used for the fence and buttons are the fence posts. There is a mud pit for the pigs (which could not be found for this "photo shoot"). A water trough is in the corner. Outside the fence are some straw bales and a garden. The garden was really fun to make. I let her choose what plants we would create. At one point, a "sprout" and a tomato were missing, so she blamed the groundhogs. LOL Spoken like a true farm girl! There are pumpkins, tomatoes, cauliflower, sprouts, cabbage, and sunflowers.

Farm felt play mat with mud for the pigs!
felt sunflowers in a garden
felt garden
DIY No-Sew Felt Farm Play Mat

Last, we have the outdoor concert in the park. She really wanted a stage for the Littlest Pet Shops to perform. There are steps, lots of lights, and a few instruments. Some benches in the front make perfect seating. At the entrance to the concert is a fun pennant banner.

A fun outdoor concert in the park play mat.
Felt stage and instruments glued to a no-sew felt playmat
felt triangles and yarn make a felt bunting
Littlest Pet Shops concert
No-sew felt play mat with a concert stage

It was a fun project! Hot glue makes it a little more dangerous- she learned the hard way. This could definitely be done with regular liquid glue, too. I like when the kids make crafts that are actually useful and not just something that will be thrown away in  few weeks. I can see this one being played with for a long time!

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