Fall Weed Wreath Tutorial

Making a fall weed wreath has become somewhat of an annual tradition in our house. It all started years ago when things were especially tight financially. I still wanted to make something to decorate for fall, but I had to be a bit more resourceful. I noticed that the fall weeds were especially pretty and thought I could somehow turn them into a wreath. I recruited my daughter to help… let’s just say she has an eye for detail. ;) We were both pretty proud of how it turned out and a tradition was born.

Make a fall wreath using weeds and flower trimmings!

I sort of love how making these wreaths every year is a reminder of harder times. I guess that sounds a little backwards. You see, the hard times themselves aren’t necessarily a fun memory, but we managed to turn it into something positive. I just hope that my girls remember the message behind this…. that we should always take what we are given and make the best of it, that a little creativity can brighten dark days, and that sometimes, if you look hard enough, you can find the beauty in unwanted things.

The beauty in fall weeds...
How to make a fall weed wreath- free diy decor!
How to make a fall wreath using only weeds and floral wire!

We took some pictures this year to share the process. Actually, we did this when it was still summer because I was going to be a good blogger and post this early on. HA! I actually ended up not loving that wreath (it used more clippings from my flowers than actual weeds) so we made a true fall weed wreath this week. I kept the dried out cone flower stems- they are a fun accent!- but everything else was replaced with fresh cut weeds.

We have learned over the years that some weeds dry better than others. Smart weed/lady’s thumb (the pink ones) and fox tails dry out perfectly! Anything that looks like a daisy usually makes a big mess as it dries. I also don’t like to put these wreaths on doors that open inwards because they can drop petals as they dry out and that makes a mess.

We make the base out of weeping willow branches. Our trees always need trimmed and if we jump we can usually reach some to pull down enough to cut. I am sure there are other options but this is what we do.

Willow branches for a wreath base

Just keep wrapping them around in a circle of the desired diameter. Secure with floral wire every so often. If there is a weaker side of the wreath, start wrapping there because the thicker ends of the stems will give it more stability. Don’t worry about the leaves sticking out- the more the better! It gives great texture to the base (this is actually not our best one).

Make a fall wreath using weeds and flower trimmings!
How to make a weeping willow wreath base...

When you have a good, firm base, add in the flowers. We like to take make a little bundle of weeds and fasten them to the base with floral wire. Then we keep working in the same direction until the wreath is full.

How to make a fall wreath out of wildflowers

We always add in the foxtails at the end and this year I added the coneflower stems last. Weeds/trimmings like these have stiffer stems so they are easier to arrange at varying angles.

How to make a fall wreath out of gathered wildflowers and weeds

These wreaths definitely change colors as they dry throughout the fall. It is actually a fun (and beautiful) process to observe with the kids.

If you make one using this tutorial I would love to see a picture! You can always e-mail or send them via facebook or instagram!

How to make a DIY natural fall weed wreath!

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