Unicorn Charlie Dress

Last year I made a unicorn dress for my daughter's birthday party. Apparently now my kids think I owe them a birthday dress every year. Um, no. I will sew if I feel like it. Got it, kids?

Still, this is not really a bad idea. I wish I had done birthday dresses instead of Easter dresses as a tradition just to spread things out a bit. But I love making coordinating Easter dresses, too. The 5 years younger version of myself would have embraced both, but these kids have rapidly drained my energy. Especially this one:

So, since my baby was turning five (Waaaaa!!!!) I said yes to the dress. I took her fabric shopping after getting her pre-Kindergarten shots. (It was kind of a mean trick.) Of all of the unicorn fabric in Joann, she picked the stuff I liked the least. (Well played. Revenge.) The eyes on these buggers are pretty creepy but it IS sparkly and has pink and purple so I understand.

I made another VFT Charlie dress (THIS one was for my niece and she wore it on her birthday and her first day of school!) and used a contrasting gray and silver metallic dot fabric for the bow. I really like the vintage style of this dress! Oh, and pockets are always a fun addition, but my girls are so used to non-pocket dresses that they usually forget about them. Which is good, because I never check them before washing.

Out of my hundreds of buttons we could not find ANYTHING that matched the dress well. So, she got a bonus trip to Joann to choose buttons. The are clear with glitter, so they don't stand out a whole lot, but she picked 'em so it was final.

Obligatory twirl picture...

Here are some more Violette Field Threads dresses I have made: