Washi Tape School Supplies

Hello! It's me again. I'm back for day two of Washi Week, and today's topic is school supplies! So, whether it's pencils, notebooks, binder clips, scissors, or just a strip along a binder, it's bound to be cute with washi tape on it. (If you haven't read yesterday's, you can click HERE to read it.)

Here are some of the pencils I made. They look cute, don't they?! All I did was use a strip (or a few depending on the width of the tape and the pencil) and cut it to the length needed. As you can see, I didn't really do a good job at that. Also, when sharpening, an electric sharpener is what I recommend using.

Washi tape makes cheap pencils instantly cuter!

Here is another shot of the pencils...

Washi tape makes boring, yellow pencils adorable!!!

Here are some journals my mother made for a local MOPS meeting craft. She bought a scrapbook paper pad to use on the covers and she made little cut-outs and stamps to customize it. I like how the washi tape really stands out on the and the little sayings are really perfect for this.

Scrapbook Paper Covered Journals

This picture gives you a good look at the back of the notebooks.

Recovered journals- MOPS craft idea

To do the notebook activity, mom decided to mark her scissors so she wouldn't get them confused with other people's scissors. Even something so simple as this helps keep a classroom organized.

Put washi tape on school supplies so that they don't get mixed up!

Even a small amount of washi tape can make regular binder clips a cute classroom accessory. I just used one strip and wrapped it along the top. Smaller prints will work better, that way you get to see more of it. The middle clip has a big floral print, you can only see like half of the the tape's pattern.

Washi tape on binder clips makes them extra cute!

Thanks again for reading one of my posts. More creative crafts are on the way for the rest of Washi Week, so stay tuned!

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How to use washi tape on school supplies...

(If you haven't read yesterday's, you can click HERE to read it.)