Stuffed Bunny Ear Transplant

Summer vacation is rough!!! I (laughably) thought it might be easier this year because I actually downsized from being with 20 kids all day to just 5. Hahahahaha! Dealing with 5 of my own kids is entirely different. They aren't used to being with each other all day so they need to reestablish the pecking order. It is taking longer than usual with the hormones raging in this house these days (oh, just a sample of what is to come, I know!) Now we have a heat wave and my car is in the garage. It has been quite the week! So, if you are wondering where I have been, I am probably hiding- locked in my bedroom and curled up in the fetal position with a bag of chocolate chips.

OK. Not really.

I have ice cream.

Every now and then I get ambitious/drink extra coffee and try do something fun. Last week we went on our planned shopping excursion, but it took until 2pm or so to get them to clean their rooms so we could leave. Our first stop was the thrift store for a very specific purpose- bunny ears. The kids are waking up right now so I am going to let my 9yo do a little guest posting and tell you about it!


I have a stuffed bunny named Twinkle Toes. It is a Beanie Boo that has the same birthday as me. My aunts' dog chewed off my bunnies' ears. They don't make these bunnies anymore so we couldn't get a new one. My mom and I decided to go to the thrift store to find new ears. I found the perfect bunny. It's ears were backwards! We all went home and mom washed the bunny. A few days later, my mom seam ripped what was left of the ears on Twinkle Toes. She also cut the ears off of the 2nd bunny. She sewed the ears on Twinkle Toes. We even added a pink flower! AGAIN, MOM SAVES THE DAY!!!!!!!!!


Thank you for posting for me today, Lydia! I am happy that I could fix your bunny for you!

Fleece Kittens


I finished something!!! YAY!!!!!

Pretty sure that kitten is cheering for me here!

I am really on a roll lately! (Pats self on back.) To be fair, I am finishing up all of the things that were *this* close to being done. You can see my Finish-A-Long list HERE.

These fleece kittens were supposed to be party favors for my daughters second birthday party last August. There were too many kids coming and not enough time to finish the kittens. So, they sat around in various stages of production in this basket for the past 6 months.

They are done now, but I am not sure what I am going to do with them.

I adapted a free bunny pattern from ikatbag found HERE. Some of them came out a little wonky, but they are still cute.

And, we have real kittens that kinda' match them!:)


Yeah, those kittens are cuter. :)

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Mommy Pig and Piglets


I am really serious about finishing up all of those projects that I blogged about! Right away, I finished that big mommy pig. It just needed more stuffing, a small repair, and a nose. I bought the pattern about 5 or 6 years ago from ikatbag HERE.

Part of the reason that I procrastinated so long on this one was because I wasn't too thrilled about how it was turning out. When I started it, I wanted to do it right that minute. I was trying to make do with the fabrics I had instead of fleece, which the pattern called for. Frustrated, the project I was so anxious to start was unfinished for a very long time. About 6 months later, I found the pink fleece I had bought years ago when I bought the pattern. I would highly recommend using fleece instead of a woven.

Besides the cute, curly tail...

...this pig has some other fun features.

Yes, this mommy pig has a little zipper compartment that holds 6 piglets!  I used scraps of quilting cottons to make the assorted piglets. One is even a runt. Now, these piglets were made about a year and a half ago, so they have been well loved and played with while waiting for their mommy. It was sad, really.

I was so glad to have this one finished, and glad to make a little girl and six piglets very happy.


This is the first finish I have checked off of my list of goals for the second quarter of the finish-a-long.  You can see my goals for this quarter HERE if you want to feel better about your list of incomplete projects. :)

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WIP Wednesday ~ Productive Week


I thought I would do another WIP Wednesday post to share what I have been doing around here lately.  I may not have blog posts up to prove it, but I have been super productive!

I finished up 2 out of 3 doll quilts, but did not get any pictures of them yet. Those sampler ones took so long that they deserve a full blog post. :) Plus, there is a piece on the doll bunk bed that needs fixed and nagging has not worked thus far. I may have to do it myself.

I made two stuffed bears from outgrown baby clothes (that was the sneak peek at the end last time!) and even a little blanket for one bear. I plan on posting the pattern I made for those, but I didn't get it perfected yet. I might even do another one just to test it out.

I started a crochet cow hat! It is almost done. I made one of those last year while I was on a blogging hiatus, so I never posted about it. Maybe I will show those pics when I get this one done, too. The first one is better because it is a brown cow. :)

Oh, and I am trying to do the 40 bags in 40 days challenge to declutter my house. Yesterday's task was my embroidery floss. It was all over the place, so my sewing table is much cleaner and the floss is super organized! I only got a sandwich bag worth to throw out, but I am counting it. :)

Speaking of organizing sewing stuff, I got this bobbin tower on clearance at Michaels a few weeks ago and it is awesome! I love being able to just reach up and grab the bobbin I need and the threads aren't hanging all over the place. I highly recommend it!

So, that is a little peek at what I have been working on this week. I am linking up with Silly Mama Quilts.