Mommy Pig and Piglets


I am really serious about finishing up all of those projects that I blogged about! Right away, I finished that big mommy pig. It just needed more stuffing, a small repair, and a nose. I bought the pattern about 5 or 6 years ago from ikatbag HERE.

Part of the reason that I procrastinated so long on this one was because I wasn't too thrilled about how it was turning out. When I started it, I wanted to do it right that minute. I was trying to make do with the fabrics I had instead of fleece, which the pattern called for. Frustrated, the project I was so anxious to start was unfinished for a very long time. About 6 months later, I found the pink fleece I had bought years ago when I bought the pattern. I would highly recommend using fleece instead of a woven.

Besides the cute, curly tail...

...this pig has some other fun features.

Yes, this mommy pig has a little zipper compartment that holds 6 piglets!  I used scraps of quilting cottons to make the assorted piglets. One is even a runt. Now, these piglets were made about a year and a half ago, so they have been well loved and played with while waiting for their mommy. It was sad, really.

I was so glad to have this one finished, and glad to make a little girl and six piglets very happy.


This is the first finish I have checked off of my list of goals for the second quarter of the finish-a-long.  You can see my goals for this quarter HERE if you want to feel better about your list of incomplete projects. :)

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