Fleece Kittens


I finished something!!! YAY!!!!!

Pretty sure that kitten is cheering for me here!

I am really on a roll lately! (Pats self on back.) To be fair, I am finishing up all of the things that were *this* close to being done. You can see my Finish-A-Long list HERE.

These fleece kittens were supposed to be party favors for my daughters second birthday party last August. There were too many kids coming and not enough time to finish the kittens. So, they sat around in various stages of production in this basket for the past 6 months.

They are done now, but I am not sure what I am going to do with them.

I adapted a free bunny pattern from ikatbag found HERE. Some of them came out a little wonky, but they are still cute.

And, we have real kittens that kinda' match them!:)


Yeah, those kittens are cuter. :)

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