Mustache Pillow and Sparkly Pink Pillows


More pillows! That seemed to be the thing this year. I had an idea to make a huge mustache pillow for my daughter. I had some gray dot minky that I hadn't used for what I originally intended- an elephant taggy blanket- so I used it for this project instead. It goes perfectly with the gray walls and trim in their bedroom!

The back is a fun arrow print in coordintating colors that I knew my daughter would like. I figured cotton on the back would make it a little sturdier. I wish I had used a better quality cotton, though, because it ripped when I was stuffing it and I had to fix that. :/

The other pillows I made are for my daughter who LOVES all things pink and sparkly! 90% of her Christmas wish list was sparkly, which she pointed out with an asterisk and side note. :) One pillow is made from a performance lycra fabric- it was surprisingly easy to sew! The other is a pink sparkly satin.

I used a walking foot to sew these and made envelope closures for the back. They really only took a few minutes to make.

Both gifts were very much appreciated. I thought it was nice to make something fun and frivolous instead of something practical. You are only a little girl once!
There is a funny story to go with the pink pillows...
When I got the fabric, I was Christmas shopping with my husband and took him along to Joann's... again. He was a good sport and I left him at the cutting counter with the cutting instructions while I went to go look for something else. Well, he was not too thrilled to be left alone to get sparkly pink fabric cut. I think that makes him a good dad to his many little girls. :) He then helped me search several mall stores for a reindeer Beanie Boo. I don't care what it looked like- that is proof of a real man, right there. :)

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Shirt and Suspender Memory Pillow Covers


I was asked to make these special pillow covers in memory of the recipients' loved one who had recently passed away. He was known for wearing these button down shirts and patriotic suspenders.

They were fairly easy to make. I had to iron all of the shirts really well, then slip my rotary cutting mat inside the shirt. Being careful of the placement of the buttons and pocket, I cut out a 16 1/2"square. I then cut another square out of the back of the shirt. I made loops out of navy bias tape that I had sewn together and sewed those to the bottom of the shirt panel.

Then, I just sewed the front and back all the way around. I serged the entire edge for durability. It was easy to use the button front to insert the pillow form. Last, I just hooked on the suspenders. It really was not too hard. I actually made six of these pillows, but just had Mom snap these pics of one of them on her phone.

A picture and a poem were placed in the pockets. I think this was a lovely idea, and I can't take credit for that part. I was honored to be a part of something special to make this Christmas a little nicer for the family.

Sneak Peek in the Studio Friday #2

I am taking part in my second Sneak Peek- I was pretty busy last week, so I have extra things to show you all that I have been working on. There are other things, too, but they are either listed in my shop or I don't have pics yet.

A cute kitty taggy blaket for my neice from my pile of things started. She loves tags, but will not play with it. She even threw it down to reach for the tag on a nearby stuffed cat!
Pillows for my hubby. I made the other 2 panels into pillows for my father-in-law for Christmas.
My own Buttercup Bag, modified. A full post on what I did coming soon. LOVE this fabric!
Snowmen. With Baby #5 coming, I have to start now to be able to make any ornaments this fall. I want to have lots of them "ready to assemble"! (And see my daffodils poking up outside!)
My first ever hair bow. I just want to make some for my girls. I figure it will be a lot cheaper and I can make them to match their outfits. I had some pig ribbon cause my 2yo loves pigs!
So, this is some of what I have been up to. I will be linking up HERE!
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