EASY Dark Chocolate Truffles

I love truffles! Especially dark chocolate truffles! I have made truffles several different ways and these are definitely the easiest. I am almost embarrassed to share this recipe because it is so easy!

These are seriously the easiest chocolate truffles you will ever make!

I make these for teacher gifts (some teachers have even requested them) and put them in a cute little tin or jar. The minimal effort in making these does not mean I appreciate them any less, but I do feel a little guilty when anyone is impressed by them.

Homemade truffles in a jar- great little gift idea!

Ready for the recipe with step by step pictures? It took me longer to edit pics and blog about these truffles than it did to make them.

Special Dark Chocolate Truffle Recipe

These are your ingredients. Yup. That is it! One pack of cream cheese (I think I do prefer Philadelphia just a bit) and two bags of Hershey's Special Dark chocolate chips. You can use other chocolate if you prefer, but this is my favorite.

These truffles are embarrassingly easy to make! No one will know!

Melt one bag of chocolate chips. I used to have a chocolate melter, but the kids broke it. My other tactic is this one: pour a bag of chocolate chips into a plastic, microwave safe container. (I use plastic because after it is empty you can put it in the freezer and then squeeze the container so the hardened chocolate bits pop right out. Easy clean up!)

Melt the chocolate for one minute at 50% power. Stir. Place chocolate back into the microwave at 50% power and stir every 30 seconds until melted.

Put the cream cheese in a medium mixing bowl. I guess you could soften it, but it always seems to be soft enough for me to work with. Your call.

Pour the melted chocolate over the cream cheese.

Mix the chocolate and cream cheese together.  You are going to need some sort of mixer for this one, especially if you didn't soften the cream cheese.

Roll the truffle mixture into little balls. I have a small cookie scoop that is the perfect size and keeps them pretty uniform. Place the truffles on a wax paper covered cookie sheet.

Place the truffles in the refrigerator or freezer until they are firm.

Melt the second bag of chocolate chips as before. I like the chocolate a little thick so I do not add any wax or oil. I am not great at chocolate coating, though, so do whatever works for you! Dip the truffles into the melted chocolate. I just use a fork and tap off the excess chocolate before placing them back on the cookie sheet.

Since the cookie sheet should still be cold the chocolate hardens right away.

That is it! Easy, right? You don't have to share the recipe. No one will know.

These chocolate truffles are really easy- only 2 ingredients!

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Make these easy dark chocolate truffles with just 2 ingredients!

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Red Tractor Dish Towels

Most people do not understand, but there is a lot of disagreement within the farming community. Red vs. Green

There are other tractors, but the main rivalry exists between John Deere and International Harvester users. I married into the red side. (My dad was just happy for a working tractor- color did not matter.) Snarky t-shirts are often seen at family picnics. My youngest daughter refuses to wear green or yellow. The kids argue at school with classmates about "Junk Deere" tractors.

I thought it was perfectly appropriate to welcome a new bride into our family of red tractor fanatics with embellished Farmall/IH dish towels.

I had some fabric with rows of red tractor designs left over from THIS quilt back. So, I carefully cut strips and sewed them to some bar mop dish towels for an accent border. These were fairly simple to make.

I cut the rows apart with my rotary cutter and cut the width a little more than a half inch wider than the dish towel. I pressed the top and bottom edges under 1/4" and pinned them to the towels, following the textured rows of the towels. Then, I folded the ends under (saving it for last because the fabric can shift) and pinned them in place just inside the towel edge. I slowly and carefully stitched all the way around the fabric 1/8" from the folded edge.

I thought it was a cute gift idea and I think the groom will appreciate it. :)

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Rustic Chicken Wire Photo Display

I think my 17yo son inherited some of my crafty genes. When I took him school shopping he asked to go to craft stores to get inspiration for his girlfriend's birthday gift. I didn't mind. ;) They are renovating her bedroom, so he wanted to make something for her new room. He combined inspiration from a few different pieces that we saw, made a small tray for a practice run, then built the final product.

Rustic chicken wire photo display made from lath

He chose the paint colors (the aqua will match her decor) and did everything by himself. The back of the display is made of plaster lath so it has a rough texture that looks really rustic when painted.

Paint strips of lath for a rustic photo display

His sisters also wanted to make something for her birthday. They insisted that I was not allowed to help them, but somehow blamed me when things didn't work. (You can't hot glue shells to wet sand!) On the third attempt, after much fighting and drama, they finally succeeded.

Sand and seashell frame kids craft

Hopefully she likes to decorate with pictures. :)

Washi Tape Cards

Hi! I'm Halley, and I'm here for Washi Week. Since I know many people have absolutely no idea what washi tape is, let me explain: washi tape is decorative paper tape that comes in SO many different sizes and prints, and you can do just about anything with it. I am basically the expert of washi tape in the family. I can't tell you how much I love this stuff. I may or may not have an obsession :) My parents (mostly my dad) say I have a real problem. I started with only 2 rolls from last Easter, and now I have  A LOT! I counted 79 this morning but I know I am missing at least 15. Anyway, I am super excited to tell you about my best Washi creations, and we're going to start the week off with my favorite... CARDS! The thing I love about making cards is there is so many things you can do with them and so many occasions you can make them for! Christmas, birthdays, weddings, thank you cards, or even just random cards to give to friends (those are my favorite!). Just like my amazing mom, I love Pinterest!!! Many of my cards are Pinterest-inspired.

With this card the sparkly card stock background gives a "happy" look to it, perfect for a birthday card.

Canlde Washi Tape Card

I love this card! It was made for my sister who was going to be starting kindergarten, and she needed to get pumped up about it. What better way then using a card!?! All I did was cut a paper bag to size and glued it on. Then, using thin washi tape, I ripped off pieces to look like pencils then drew the tips So simple, yet so cute!

Washi Tape Pencil Card

This card was my first, but I don't like it because I can't decide which way to hold it!

Cute flower embellishment on a blank card with washi tape!

A lot of times when I buy my washi tape, they come in matching sets of two or three. Below are some of the tapes I matched together and and used on the cards. Some of them don't have their "caption boxes" yet, but usually if it's a taped background, I use a solid colored circle to surround the caption box, and if it's a solid background I include one of the tapes on the card to surround it.

Simple washi tape cards- so easy and fun!

And Some More Cards...

Washi tape cards that anyone can make!

I made these cards just recently using cards that I bought and, some metallic washi tape to really set them off.


If the card isn't cute enough already you can add something simple and adorable to spice things up. All you have to do is border the envelope with one of the washi tapes used on the card. You can even add a strip on the front of the envelope to add a little extra cuteness to it. It just makes people more excited to get it in the mail!

Use washi tape to decorate envelopes!

Thanks so much for reading my post. I hope you liked it! Be sure to stay tuned for the rest of Washi Week!

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Use blank cards and washi tape to make cute greeting cards for any occasion!

Neck Warmer Rice Bag Tutorial with Teacher Gift Tags

I had a very busy end to the school year! I was asked at the last minute to fill in for a teacher who was having a baby. The last few weeks of school are a very busy time filled with lots of activities. The first week, I went on a total of three field trips (two with my own children and one with my substitute class). The second week, we traveled to the middle school for two move up days and had a school-wide fun day. Finally, we ended with three half days. I had a really great class and I enjoyed spending time with them. Teaching can be really hard these days. There is a lot of pressure to help the students perform well on standardized tests. Common core is not only new to the students, it is new to the teachers as well and can be difficult to teach. The wide academic range of students within the classroom means that you have to teach to many different levels at once, making sure advanced students are challenged and struggling learners are supported. Behavioral problems are undoubtedly worse and some students have emotional needs that will bring you to tears.

Watching that light bulb moment when a student finally gets it, having former students rush to hug you in the hallway, seeing their faces light up with happy news after dark days, seeing the class get excited about learning... those are the things that make it all worth it. One thing that I remembered this past school year is how much I have missed teaching.

On our next to last half day, my 9yo and I decided to make some gifts for their elementary teachers. One of them had a particularly challenging class this year so I came up with the idea of making a microwavable neck wrap to help ease some of the tension from a long school year.

DIY neck warmer teacher gift with free printable gift tags!I happened to have a layer cake of the fabric line "Elementary" by Sweetwater for Moda Fabrics. How perfect is that? (Although, the math on this fabric is at a much more advanced level!) So, we chose 5 fabrics that went well together and carefully cut them to make two neck warmers at once. The back is made of a solid black strip for a nice contrast and easier topstitching.

I snapped some pictures as we were making them so I put together a little tutorial.

To make two rice bags, start with five 10" squares of coordinating fabric and a 13" cut of fabric from the bolt for the back. For each 10" square, cut 6.5" off of one side, then cut that piece in half (5"). The longer rectangle can be put in your scrap bin. :)

How to make a neck wrap rice bag from a layer cake...

Repeat for the other squares so that you end up with 10 pieces of fabric measuring 6.5" x 5" each.

Neck warmer rice bag from layer cake squares

Sew the fabric together on the long sides with a 1/4" seam allowance. Press the seams open.

Sew fabric together to make a cute, quilted look rice bag!

Use squares of fabric to make a DIY spa neck wrap.

Next, cut your back piece. I like to wait until the top is pieced in case my seam allowances were off. It should be 23" x 6.5" but measure your front just to be sure and adjust if needed.


Sew the front and back together, leaving a two inch opening in the center of one end. Clip the corners.


Flip right side out and poke the corners out carefully. Press well with the iron. These steps make all the difference, so please don't skip them!!!

Now, it is time to fill the bag with rice. I mix mine with a few drops of lavender essential oil in an old ice cream bucket before funneling it into the rice bag. For this project, you only need to fill one section at a time, so add about 1 cup of rice and then carefully topstitch between the first two fabric squares to hold the rice in place. I used black thread to match the back.

Mix a few drops of lavender essential oil with rice for a relaxing microwavable neck wrap.

How to sew dividers in a neck warmer so that the rice stays in place...

When the last section is filled, carefully machine stitch the opening closed. You can do this by hand if you prefer.


TA DA!! These really don't take too long to make. I made it an assembly line with my daughter. She would hand me fabric, iron, or fill rice as I sewed the other one. I thought it was nice that she got to help with the gift for her teacher.

Neck warmer rice bags with stitched pockets to keep the rice in place and help it wrap around the neck.

Finally, we made some printable gift tags and the girls signed them. I printed them double sided on brown card stock to coordinate with the fabric. Everything was tied with bakers' twine to make a neat little bundle.

"Pain in the Neck" teacher gift bags for a DIY neck wrap!

Neck warmer rice bags for an end of the year teacher gift

You can download the free printable gift tags by clicking below...

printable teacher gift tags download

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Neck warmer rice bag tutorial with free printable teacher gift tags!

The kids are of course being rambunctious already, but I am enjoying the slower pace of summer vacation. I hope the teachers are enjoying their break, too! I know these two really earned it this year!