Hole in the Barn Door Quilt

WOOHOO! I finished it, and it didn't even take me HALF of the month of May! Sweet!!!

And then, because I am lazy uncomfortably pregnant, I walked a few feet outside to our garden, which is planted  for grazing this year to give it a rest, flopped it on top of the spelt, and snapped a few pictures as the sun was going down.

Instead of hand quilting this one, I decided to try out the new sewing machine and machine quilted this one in a simple grid pattern.  I was hesitant, because it really was difficult to climb around on my hands and knees on the kitchen floor to baste this one.  It was even harder to keep Grace from running back and forth on top of the quilt while I did that and I used a thicker batting because it was what I had on hand.  So, I wasn't confident that my basting was smooth enough, but that walking foot is amazing! No puckers on the back. YAY!

I bought the backing fabric a loooooong time ago and designed the rest of the quilt around this fabric.  It has cute little farmer boys on Farmall tractors and says "What Happens on My Tractor Stays on My Tractor." The stripes didn't line up perfectly on the back, but it isn't horrible considering a toddler was running around on it as I basted.

OK, so the details of why I designed the quilt this way:

~The "fussy cut" squares were from a cute panel I bought a long time ago and I wanted to use some up.(Overly ambitious Plan A was to hand embroider little farm animals on the center squares.)
~The blue bandana print fabrc against the off-white background is because the parents' wedding colors were blue and white (inspired by their silos).
~At the time I was starting to plan this, they were constructing a blue pole building for their new business, but it did not have doors on it yet when I last drove by. When I found out that the churn dash block is also called "Hole in the Barn Door" I thought it fit perfectly! Plus, this block style looked very "traditional" and "old-fashioned" to me.
So, you can see, there was a logical thought process going on here. :)

And another great big WOOHOO because I can link up with Fiber of All Sorts' A Lovely Year of Finishes for a chance to win prizes for my May finish!!!

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