Little Miss Muffet (from an old Tshirt) Tutorial


Kindergarten had a nursery rhyme program for their friends and family.  My daughter was assigned to Little Miss Muffet.  Cute, right? 

Oh, and costumes and props were welcomed. 

Also, I procrastinate.

So, at the last minute, I threw together a little costume made from an old Tshirt.  I constructed the bonnet and a half apron and had her wear it over the jumper I made her big sister last year that she had just grown into.

Here is a little how-to (again, my pictures are a little lacking due to the thrown-together nature of this project and dreary weather on the day I made it.)


an old t-shirt

That's it!  Sweet, huh?

The Bonnet:

I cut a big circle out of the back of the tshirt- I traced the biggest bowl I had that would fit on it (the shirt was a large, by the way). 

Then I cut slits in from the edge about an inch and spaced about an inch (or so) apart.  I threaded my elastic all the way through and sewed the ends together.

 That's it!  Easy peasy!

Definitely easier than getting her to pose for a picture and smile!

The Half-Apron:

 I cut off the bottom of the front of the tshirt (underneath the iron-on transfer that I had messed up) and set that aside for later.

Then, to make the waistband and ties, I cut the bottom 2 1/2 inches off of each sleeve.

I cut them open and cut the seam out, too.

Pure talent- holding the scissors and taking a picture at the same time! =)

I cut another little section from the bottom side of the shirt that was leftover from cutting out the circle.  I just wanted it to be a little longer- this piece was about 6 inches long.  I squared up the edges of the sleeve pieces, too.

 The small piece was sewn to the two longer pieces cut from the sleeves.

I felt like making pleats, so I pleated the skirt of the apron (using trial-and-error) and pinned it to the waistband/tie piece I had just made. (NOTE- gathering stich would have been easier and faster!)

I sewed the pin-pleated raw edge of the skirt to the raw edge of the band, right sides together....

...and flipped the pre-hemmed edge over to encase the seam, pinned, and sewed again.

 One edge of the ties and the sides of the skirt were left raw, but it is a Tshirt and it won't fray, so no big deal.

 Now, after all that, she didn't even WEAR the dorky looking hat bonnet because she "didn't like it"!!! 

If you were wondering, the spider was two circles of black felt (stitched, flipped, stuffed with scraps of batting, and sewed shut) with pipe cleaners (brown- the only color I had enough of) folded and sewed on by hand.

So, that was it!  One Little Miss Muffet using only what I had laying around.  Love me a good free craft project!

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