Grace's First Easter Dress


Those Easter dresses were so much work that I am showing each one off in its own separate post and telling you all how I made them, hopefully getting some tutorials out on my original designs by the end of the week.  So, here we go- youngest to oldest...

For Grace, I made a simple sundress and a ruffle-butt diaper cover. 
I was crunched for time, so for the dress, I used a tutorial that I found over on Jess's blog, craftinessisnotoptional (so many great tutorials over there!!!)  You can see the tutorial HERE.  I did make a few changes, though.  I added an eyelet lace ruffle at the bottom and piping underneath the bodice.  It was my first time doing piping, so I knew it was a crazy idea for the day before Easter, but I LOVE the way it turned out.  It definitely makes the dress!

For the diaper cover I used THIS pattern, but I added ruffles, inspired by THIS tutorial.  I made some changes on the ruffles- the sides were hemmed in on a curve so that it doesn't look weird from the front, the bottom edges were hemmed instead if serged, and I had just enough lace leftover to make the top ruffle using that instead of the white fabric.

The white fabric for the lining and trims in all of the dresses came from a really nice white sheet I got at Target. 
OK... now for the proud-mama-show-off-pictures!!!

(Her finger is fine- she had a check-up that morning and needed a finger prick,
but the nurse matched the gauze to her dress!)
little peek at the ruffles
back of the dress
Here is her basket!  I let her pick the colors by crawling to the reed she liked. =

 Pretty cute for her first Easter!!! =)