Lily's Quiet Book ~ Pie and Tea Party Pages


One of these pages is simple and the other... not so much.

The pie page is pretty easy. I made some HERE and HERE. I really like the gray background on this page, though. I am almost out of the blueberry fabric by now. I don't know if I can make any more of these.

The tea party has two very special guests. I saw many pictures of Lily with her stuffed lamb so I figured it must be a favorite. I really like how mine turned out.

The cat is made of sweater scraps from a sweater of mine that didn't fit well and I upcycled into a sweater dress for my youngest daughter.

I love the texture the animals add to the page. Lily's mom used to made stuffed animals to sell on etsy.
I also added a pennant banner/bunting at the top. Those are all scraps for a large one I am making for our own house to match some of the other items I made last year for Hannah's pink lemonade first birthday.
I made the table smaller than the last tea party page I made and was certain to curve the front of the table this time. 

There is still room for storage underneath...

They can have tea...
...or cookies.

The extra plate in the center is for Lily, of course. Her grandmother said that they like tea, so I hope they liked this page.