Rustic Winter Tree

I decorate a pencil tree in my dining room for Christmas. This year when we started to put it away, my daughter and I decided to move it to a dark, awkward corner in our living room. Why not leave it up for the rest of the winter?

All of the decorations on this rustic, winter tree are homemade!

I made a grapevine garland to wrap around it last year, so I left that on and continued with the rustic, winter theme. I already blogged about the twine balls (I love the way they look with the lights!) and crochet snowflakes.

DIY rustic twine ball Christmas ornaments
winter woodland theme tree decor
woodland rustic Christmas tree decor
Crochet snowflakes and snowball garland made from cotton balls

My daughter glued jute/twine onto the leftover pine cones from our centerpiece box.

simple pine cone ornaments
I love this natural, rustic winter tree.

We also rolled cotton balls and strung them on thread (from THIS tutorial).

rustic winter Christmas tree decor

I bought some linen and lace ribbon and made a sad-looking bow to finish the tree.

A DIY rustic, winter tree with homemade decorations...
linen and lace ribbon

Overall, I love the way this turned out! I love it so much that I took a bajillion pictures for my blog. :)

DIY twine ball Christmas tree ornaments
Rustic tree decor made on a tight budget!
Crochet snowflakes on a winter, rustic themed tree.
Easy to make twine ball ornaments...

The only thing I bought for this project was the ribbon. Everything else was already on hand, or I collected it from nature. I love how it makes the living room just a little more cozy and bright. I don't plan on leaving the tree up year-round, but I am happy to get a little more use out of it through these winter months.

Rustic Winter Tree

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