Vintage Sheet Curtains and Sneak Peek at Playhouse Remodel


A few years ago, I traded a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing for a playhouse. Now, the playhouse had been used as a chicken coop, so it was a bit of a fixer-upper. Last summer, my dad came over and helped us did almost everything to fix it up. I had the easy part- some painting, caulk, and now... the decorating.

I got this thrifted sheet a little while ago and it matches the playhouse PERFECTLY- both inside and outside! Really- the colors are spot on!

I turned it into curtains, which is one of the simplest things that you can sew. I procrastinate equally on the difficult and easy projects.

There are cute little yellow ribbon ties, too.

I still want to add something on the ends of the dowels so that they don't slip off the hooks so easily.
Or maybe I will get smaller hooks.
Or maybe I won't bother and just tell the girls to be careful and not bump them too much.
Yeah. Probably the last one.

So that gives a little peek at the inside of the playhouse. Here is a little peek at the outside so you can see the blue that matches the curtains.

When a few more details are done, I will do a full post on the playhouse makeover. 
In the meantime, I am so happy to cross these curtains off of my list of Finish-A-Long goals, which you can see HERE.