Felt Taco Earbud Holder

We recently sent my brother a Mexican themed care package because he was hungry for Mexican food. Of course, as soon as we assembled a package he went all healthy on us and probably won't eat any of it. Just so you know, it took 5 lbs of animal crackers to be able to make a small dish of chocolate-covered-burros!

Anyway, at the last minute, I threw in something non-edible and just plain fun. it is a felt taco earbud holder. I found a you-tube video with directions HERE. I sewed on velcro instead of snaps, used hot glue instead of liquid glue, and punched holes of fun foam instead of plastic to make the eyes.

I don't expect him to actually use this, but it was a fun gag gift. That little taco face makes me smile anyway. :)