WIP Wednesday ~ Finishing

I am really pushing to finish up projects that I have already started. With each one I complete, a little bit of the guilt I put on myself lifts. I am over halfway done with the spring quiet book.

Funny story with that last one... my 4yo wanted me to use red beads for the seeds, but I switched them out for white. She asked me today what happened to the red seeds and I told her I wanted to use white. She asked,"Why?" and I told her (jokingly) that red seeds are usually treated and I wanted this to be an "organic" quiet book. Of course, she sighed loudly and said, "Mom, you are so picky!"
I also saw this stack of wood pumpkins in the garage and felt like painting. I am so early for fall! :) I do plan on doing a fall sale, similar to the Christmas sign sale that I had last November.


I also did a little painting on canvas- my first! It was a lot of fun and I definitely see more of these in my crafty future. I can't show the whole thing just yet, but here is a peek...

I am linking up with Silly Mama Quilts.