Pink Lemonade Bunting and Basket


For my daughter's first birthday party in August 2014, I used a "pink lemonade" theme. I meant to make these pennant banners to decorate, but didn't get done in time. I did finish one for in her bedroom, but there were so many extra triangles left over! That became another unfinished project that I added to my Finish-A-Long goals (see HERE).

Well, now they are finished! I had enough to make one more bunting identical to the one I had already made- I think that will make her room more symmetrical and make me feel better- and I also made a second smaller one.

The smaller pennant banner went in a basket for someone special. She had requested pink and yellow accent colors.

I am still working on the rest of my Finish-A-Long goals for this quarter. I am doing all of the easiest ones first, but at least they are getting done!