Fall Decluttering Challenge- Day 6

We are almost done! Is anyone still with me? Don’t worry about catching up if you missed a day or five. Just do whatever you can!

I had a really productive day yesterday. I decluttered my bedroom, which was overrun with craft stuff- mainly my sewing projects. I put fabric in storage that is not part of a current project (I have a lot of those!) and I actually have a lot of fabric that I decided I don’t really want anymore. I am looking for a good charity project to use it up and am open to suggestions! I decluttered pretty hard and now there is a floor under my sewing table and for the first time in months there is NO fabric on my dresser! Amazing!



You can declutter every other area in your house, but if the first thing you see when you get home is clutter, it can be discouraging. A porch, entryway, mudroom, hall closet,… whatever it is that you see when you first enter your home is what we are working on today.

Since we tore the sunroom down we have to use a different door. It is not going very well, but I need to find a way to make it work for now. I will see what I manage to get done today. There are now snow clothes and boots added to the chaos so it will be tricky!


Our bonus mission for today is cleaning out the purse and/or diaper bag. Don’t take clutter with you! I can’t stand digging around for things in my purse and not being able to find them.