Fall Decluttering Challenge- Day 5

It doesn’t look like fall here anymore. It is a winter wonderland! My decluttering challenge was poorly named, I suppose.

How is your decluttering going? We are almost done!!! I will do another challenge tomorrow, too.

I worked on decluttering my non-sewing craft supplies yesterday. I had to downsize them when we tore the sunroom down since they were relocated to a corner of my bedroom. Yesterday, I downsized a lot more. In all, I have decluttered 75% of my stickers and scrapbook paper. I don’t even scrapbook anymore!

I also went through the gift wrap and threw out scraps of paper and a tangled mess of curling ribbon. I should have taken a before and after pic but I was on a roll!

I have a bag of paper to throw away, two piles for donation, and a growing pile of stuff to put in the storage shed which is now blocked by snow. #excuses #itiscoldoutside



This one is also open to interpretation. You can choose the bedroom that bothers you the most if you have multiples. You can put your kids to work in their rooms. Declutter your dresser or nightstands or closets. Don’t stress yourself out trying to do it all. I just thought that it would be nice, at the end of the work week, to have a cleaner, more relaxing bedroom.

My bedroom is a mess because it doubles as my craft room. I hate having my sewing and craft supplies in my room because my mess stresses me out and I see it before I go to sleep and when I wake up. At this point, we don’t have many options. In a few more years my girls will probably be out of the toy stage and the playroom can become my sewing room again. Until then, the mess is a reminder of this fleeting stage. I just need to do a better job of keeping it under control. My task today is bedroom/craft supplies part 2.


Our bonus mission is lotions and perfumes. Also, I promise NOT to get sucked into the Black Friday sales this year! :)

I am going to procrastinate a bit on cleaning because I want some pictures in the snow and then we are baking cookies! Enjoy your Friday!